Waking to Consciousness

Full of questions about being in this world that no one in my family, school, church, or community could answer to my satisfaction, I began to devour books as soon as I could read. Mostly as a means to escape what felt like the narrow confines of my small-town, Midwestern upbringing, I enjoyed connecting with […]

prompt :: S O U R C E S : what are our sources & how do they influence our careers

S O U R C E S               Week One Prompt At our seminar in the Santa Cruz Mountains, I passed around a dandelion flower, who’d graciously permitted being plucked, for our course.  For some passersby, that dandelion flower might be ignored as a common weed; for us, that dandelion…

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G G’s Initial Response Post :: Sources :: I n t e r b e i n g

S o u r c e s Here’s a text by Thich Nhat Hanh on interbeing (285 words), which I’m offering as a my contribution to this week’s potlatch … salad bar … mandala … castle … cove … collection, gathering our initial responses to this week’s prompt. As you’ll see — the source text…

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