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    Traditionally, mindfulness occurs within an integral system. Three distinct but intertwined aspects of this system can be delineated as

      prajna — wisdom, insight into impermanence, interbeing, liberation from suffering
      silla — conscious conduct, intentionality & relationality, ethics, precepts, mindfulness trainings
      samadhi — undivided attention, meditative absorption

    Roots of contemplative traditions in the West became dry after the Technological Revolution, making the meditative aspects of mindfulness a big attraction — sometimes at the expense of the other components. Popularization of mindfulness by Western science might be another reason why ethics and wisdom often get skimped or skimmed over — given the dualist roots of Western science, and its culture of amorality. (Dr Carl Djerassi the creator of the birth-control pill told me in private conversation he never could have done this had he been constrained by morality in his scientific research.)

    This topic is for discussion of how we respond to any or all three traditional components of mindfulness, their interrelation, their presence or absence in our own lived world.

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