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    For mindfulness to make its mark in our culture, the workplace seems one of its ultimate frontiers, as it were, (Granted, work -vs- play is a dualism — yet one deeply entrenched in the Protestant work ethic of the American psyche.) At this point in time, this is beginning to reach critical mass. For example, a program that was created at one workplace is now being packaged and marketed beyond. Here’s a place to discuss the history, the present, and the future.

    What are best practices you’ve discovered ?

    What successful model might be replicated, and even scaled ?

    What are some traps along the way on which you can shed light and insight ?

    What degrees of granularity and specificity are needed for nourishing discussion here, and what Big Picture understandings are also necessary ?

    These are merely sample prompts. Feel free to initiate your own,

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