• ‘”Mindfulness’ in its original sense refers to remembrance: just what does that mean, really? Simple words can have multiple meanings. A Pali or Sanskrit word translated into another language can rhyme with new contexts. Contemporary usage sometimes finds the need to coin neologisms. Here is a home for exploratory dialogue …

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    Here’s a space for discussing race: Asian, Caucasian, Black, Hispanic, Indigenous, & other.

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    Sunday, January 7

    Here are some tech difficulties GG is having.

      “General Considerations” pops up under every forum — how to correct that ?

      Arrangement of forums was possible when tried at another WordPress site, via drag-&drop reshuffling: this one won’t do that. How to re-arrange the forums in a desired order ?

      Is there any s…

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    Here’s a place for noting & helping to resolve technical difficulties, bugs, goofs, etc.

    ( Some of my best friends are insects. I wonder how they feel about computer glitches being called bugs. )

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    This site co-exists with dozens of others online, plus many more resources IRL (in real life). Here’s a space for sharing books, magazines & magazine articles, blogs, broadcasts, podcasts, online forums, websites, organizations, personal contacts, etc.

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    There’s always room on the shelf for another recipe book & another dieting book. Thus it’s no surprise to see more & books about mindful meals. Please consider this space as a potluck.

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    For mindfulness to make its mark in our culture, the workplace seems one of its ultimate frontiers, as it were, (Granted, work -vs- play is a dualism — yet one deeply entrenched in the Protestant work ethic of the American psyche.) At this point in time, this is beginning to reach critical mass. For example, a program that was created at one w…[Read more]

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    Is mindfulness a Western construct ?

    Is “Western Buddhism” a semantic umbrella including nonbeneficial concepts ?

    Are “native” and “convert” useful terms ?

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    this online ecosphere is built on BBPress within a WordPress site.

    how might the functionality and user experience (UX) be improved ?

      interweaving with BuddyPress
      migrating to another platform ( slack, simple machines, ________ ) ?
      _____________ [ fill -in ] __________________ ?
  • Who’s not present in this forum & in our communities — & how do we address those imbalances ?

    [ See also Social Engagement ]

  • What to include

      in a workshop
      in a class
      in a practice group
  • How can we be respectful and inclusive concerning people with different abilities, bodies, etc.?

  • This might be a good place for discussing the economics of mindfulness, merchandising of mindfulness, commodification of mindfulness, mindfulness as a commons, etc.

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    Here’s for looking through the lens of class : privilege, poverty, middle-class, etc.

  • admin started the topic race in the forum race 9 months, 2 weeks ago

    Here’s for looking thru the lens of race : Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic, Black, Indigenous, and other.

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    Here’s for looking through the lens of gender : feminism, male privilege, queer, LGBT.

  • This forum is currently an incomplete pencil sketch. The gardener who has seeded it cannot do it alone. Who’d like to lend a hand. If so, what area(s) would you like to look after, who would you like to do it with, how much time can you contribute? May the merits of your generosity benefit all beings, and bring an end to suffering.

  • Traditionally, mindfulness occurs within an integral system. Three distinct but intertwined aspects of this system can be delineated as

      prajna — wisdom, insight into impermanence, interbeing, liberation from suffering
      silla — conscious conduct, intentionality & relationality, ethics, precepts, mindfulness trainings
      samadhi — undiv…

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  • The National Catholic Register today published an inter view with Susan Brinkman, about her new book, A Catholic Guide to Mindfulness. As of this date, the article has been shared over 3000 times. Reading the Comments, there’s a sizable body of readers who disagree.

    As always, your questions, comments, criticism are warmly welcome

  • “engaged” because of the the ethical trainings ( intentionality, relationality, moral values in action ) — & the compassion born of the wisdom tradition understanding the provisional & interconnected & selfless nature of reality – at the heart of traditional mindfulness

    to be real, our ethics & compassion must express themselves in act…[Read more]

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